Friday, May 15, 2009

A Tea Party with Ashley

My friend Ashley came over to visit me and hang out for a bit yesterday! I love afternoon company because it's always the perfect excuse to whip out some nice dishes and put some water in the kettle.

There's nothing terribly fancy going on here. I broke out some of the German chocolate stash that Chris brought home last month.

We ended up going with a strawberry theme, as you can see. There's that Scottish shortbread making another appearance! I have one piece left!

I was lucky in that I had some berries washed and sitting in the fridge that were leftover from our picnic the other day (separate post coming...). They were sprinkled with sugar and I covered them in balsamic reduction. I am on batch number two right now. I went through that first bottle really quick. I was putting it on everything! This latest reduction doesn't seem as thick as the first one so I don't like it as much. I will probably simmer it some more. We'll see how that goes.

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