Friday, May 15, 2009

Going on a Picnic

I always enjoy the picnic postings over at Vegan Lunchbox.  Well, I actually enjoy all of her posts but the picnics are especially fun!  The weather has been gorgeous in the Princeton area as of late.  My husband is going into his third year playing for the Siemens Demons, his company softball team.  They had a game a few days ago and I knew it would make him happy if we came to watch him for a bit.  The grass was really tall and lately, I've been paranoid about ticks.  I checked myself and Molly from head to toe when we got home!  

It didn't put a damper on our fun though!  I had some odd and end leftovers, mostly from the Cinco de Mayo potluck, that I needed to get rid of so this was a perfect excuse to get creative and throw together some portable edibles.  

I told myself later that I should have eaten that one on the top for art's sake.  Ha!  It isn't like I didn't eat a my fair share while I was rolling them up!  These are pretty self explanatory... Soft shells that are slathered with refried beans and sprinkled with cheese.  The kiddo loved them.  I should have added the avocado that I had in the fridge.  Next time.

Leftover salsa.  I had some chips in my bag and it also went well with the rolls.  I still have some left!  I'll probably incorporate it into lunches and breakfasts over the next few days.  

Some corn and black bean salad that took two seconds to make.  Frozen corn, canned beans and leftover salsa.

For dessert, we have strawberries with sugar.  As you can see, these babies were not very ripe.  The extra sprinkling of sweetness was essential!  I need to stop buying them for a few more weeks and see if I can find some locally grown ones!  The West Windsor Farmer's Market will kick off the 2009 season TOMORROW MORNING and we are beyond stoked!  It's finally back! The three of us really enjoy waking up and heading over to see what's going on.  Our friends at Silver Forge Farm will be back this year and we're hoping to see our other favorite vendors tomorrow!   

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