Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friends with Benefits

Today was the first day of the West Windsor Farmer's Market. It was exciting stuff. The clouds seemed to pose a serious threat but they were kind and allowed us to carry on with our activities. It was nice to see some familiar faces! We have several new vendors this year! There's mushroom guys! I was beyond thrilled! I got some portobellos and some shitake for this week. Another stand was selling BBQ sauce so I got a jar because the people were nice and I figured I could use it on the portobellos. Another thrilling new addition was a girl selling Jamaican food! She had roasted plantains!!!! I was ecstatic. These bad boys will be the perfect Saturday morning breakfast when we hit the market. I was worried that the first week of the market would not be as bustling to start out but it did not let us down.

We got a long list of goodies today. Our good friends at Silver Forge Farm had pea shoots, eggs, scallions and radishes! We have the same variety growing in our garden this year and they were peeking out from the dirt today! I will let them grow for a few more weeks but thanks to Shannon and Eliezer, I didn't have to wait to make one of my favorite tea sandwiches...

...French Breakfast Radishes are one of the few reasons to buy white bread. There is a wonderful baker from Lawrenceville at the market who makes the best ciabatta rolls. They're massive so I just used half of one. I slathered on a touch of butter, piled it high with radishes and sprinkled salt and pepper on top. It has been a long time since I was able to enjoy this. It is simple, seasonal and delicious. Definitely worth the wait.

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  1. I remember those sandwiches!! They were delicious!!!