Monday, May 18, 2009

Chocolate Rain

Yesterday my friend Shannon and I went to New York City to hit up the BUST Spring Fling Craftacular. We went to the craft fair that BUST threw back in December and we had a blast so we made it a point to put this on our calendars. For lack of a better word, it was a bust. Not for lack of cool stuff but the venue was so small that it was impossible to browse and explore without feeling like you were in an overcrowded fish bowl. I still managed to drop a wad of cash, I just did it quickly and left! We did have a great time walking around and shopping in Brooklyn so it wasn't a wasted trip by any means!

We made our way into Manhattan and did a bit more exploring. I thought it was going to rain but the weather really held off and it felt so pleasant. There was an unseasonable chill in the air but it was nothing a little sweater didn't ease up. We went to a vintage store, came across a guerilla knitting project, got our girls some treats from a cool toy store and then made our way to the final destination....

We had a game plan when we went in and in order to fully prepare ourselves, we skipped lunch. We were ready to throw down.

This is the fondue trio. I actually explored the menu online last week because I knew it was not going to be an easy choice to make without a little prep. I had narrowed it down to this and one or two other things. We got some lovely toffee sauce that tasted like the Promised Land. For the other two, we had a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate. We eliminated the white because neither of us care for it. It came with fruit, banana bread and marshmallows for dipping. We also asked for some graham crackers because what was the point of marshmallows and our own grill?

We didn't stop there. I had a delectable cappuccino and Shannon had a hot chocolate along with a butter croissant...

To say that I had high expectations would be putting it lightly. This place had seriously been built up by my friends. Shannon should do a commercial for them! They delivered the TKO and I was in an absolute state of bliss. I cannot see how anyone could leave Max Brenner without feeling like a cat that swallowed a chocolate covered canary.

I'll be back.

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