Thursday, April 16, 2009

I will bow to this sponsor...

Dinner tonight was brought to us by Trader Joe's.  The rice, the curry...not the brussels sprouts but I have bought them there before.  

I have heard from multiple sources that we are FINALLY getting a TJ's here in the Princeton area.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!  I drive about every four to six weeks down to Marlton to hit it.  It's worth it just for the money I save on maple syrup alone!  My girl goes through the flax waffles and maple syrup like they are going out of style.  A bottle of organic maple syrup costs about $17.  At Whole Foods, said amount will get you 16 ounces of syrup.  At Trader Joe's the same amount will get you 32.5 ounces.  

Another Molly favorite is the frozen blintzes.  I can put them out to defrost overnight and then pop open the box for breakfast the next morning.  That's all it takes and my kid is ready to throw me a parade.  She used to live off of their cereal bars but she must have burned herself out on them because she hasn't asked for them in a while.  I don't particularly care for the blintzes but I do have my own list of TJ Faves.

1. The chipotle pepper hummus.  Nothing else can make celery and carrot sticks feel like such a party!  Seriously!

2. The goat cheese brie.  Two of my favorite types of cheese rolled in to one for a ridiculously low price.

3. The organic cocoa powder.  Unfortunately this is a seasonal item so I stock up at Christmas time for the year.  It's excellent quality and even has a good punch of iron.  I use it mostly for smoothies.

4. The curries!  They come in a box.  Inside of that box is a foilesque pouch.  Boil the pouch for about 5-7 minutes and then cut it open.  Pour it on anything (I prefer the brown basmati rice but I'm boring that way) and you have an instant and amazing dinner.  

5. Virgil's Root Beer is less than $4 for a four pack.  It's a little over $6 anywhere else I see it.

6. 99 cent cans of organic beans.  

7. R.I.P. parsnip chips.  I haven't seen them in forever.  It's probably for the best that they're gone.  I'd be up to about 500 pounds now.

8. The masala veggie burgers!  They are some of the best meatless burgers I've ever had.  

9. The steel cut oats that only take seven minutes to cook served up with some pumpkin butter.  The buttah is also seasonal.  

10.  I'm a big fan of several of their toiletry items such as the lavender body oil, the citrus body wash, the tea tree oil and the bottles of jojoba oil.  The eye makeup removal cloths are also great.  

I hear that our Princeton store will be open before the end of the year.  If this is a cruel rumor, I will cry all the way to Marlton.

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