Thursday, April 23, 2009

Button Casserole

Thrift store finds from yesterday.  I have a wicked soft spot for vintage buttons.  I have quite the collection!  These aren't even all of the ones I found!  I also love old Pyrex dishes so double score!  I got a UK copy of Fast Food Nation as well.  

 I took three bags of clothing to donate.  It was difficult to part with some of it but I hardly ever wear any of it anymore so I have to stop thinking about what I paid for it.  As I have gotten older, I've learned to make better choices when it comes to clothing.  I pretty much wear only dresses anyways so that makes it easier.  I took a bunch of stuff to a new consignment store in Princeton a few weeks ago.  Hopefully I'll get a small payback from that.  Any money that I make is going towards the Paris trip this summer!  I have a ridiculous amount of clothing, shoes and purses and I'm really trying hard to simplify and declutter.  It's a long process but I think I am slowly gaining the upper hand.  I'm really bad about holding on to various pieces because of some sort of fantasy I have in my head about wearing it to a certain event or place that is probably never going to happen in real life.  I have been picking up a few odd and end things to wear to Europe this summer and that has been much more fulfilling than hoarding a bunch of daydream pieces.   

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