Saturday, August 15, 2009

From the New York Times...

It's an old article but I thought it was interesting. It's about the rise of salted caramel which is high on my foodie radar lately! While I was in Paris (OMG, that felt so amazing to type out!), I spent a good bit of time hunting down all things caramel! It became a small obsession! I was really bummed because one of the specialty chocolatiers that I had high up on my list was away on vacation while we were there. She carries what is said to be the best caramel in France in her shop! I definitely plan to make some this fall. I'll probably use David Lebovitz's recipe. I have absolutely no shortage of salt. I brought about three different kinds back home with be from Paris. It's going to be great....or it's going to be a disaster! We shall see!

Anyways, I'm getting back into the swing of things with posting and whatnot. We just got home from traveling for a month solid last weekend and then immediately got back into the work saddle which was rough! The chores are piling up around the house and I'm taking care of that today. Tomorrow we're trying out another place for brunch so I can add that to the ever growing pile of potential posts! I knew that the trip would inspire lots of new food writing but I am overflowing here! My brain is about to pop!

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