Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fair Trade

My friends Alice and Wright stopped over this evening for a quick visit. They returned not too long ago from a trip to Buffalo, N.Y. I remember reading on Alice's Facebook that she was eating something called Sponge Candy. I'd never heard of it so I dropped her a line to ask her what it was. Being the generous soul that she is, she offered to share some with me!

It looks sort of like a Butterfinger and it is somewhat crispy when you first bite into it. The inside is much lighter and it quickly melts in your mouth. It tastes like a combination of honey and caramelized sugar. I only ate one piece but I could have easily downed all three! They were that good!! The perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot tea.

I decided to Google it and learn a bit more. I found an adorable website that is run by a couple who have been making and selling candy for over 22 years. They do mail orders but not during the hot summer months. They will resume selling it over the internet at the end of October. I really enjoyed reading about this regional specialty, not to mention how they make it! The FAQs offer all sorts of gems. I will definitely be placing an order later this year!!

I traded Alice some caramels from France since she was willing to share some of her stash with me. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed the sponge candy! If you feel so inclined, check out her adorable math blog! Starting up a band but can't think of a name that you'd like to see up in lights? Head on over to Wright's latest online project. He'll do all of the dirty work for you!

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