Monday, August 17, 2009

New Member of the Family!

After months of searching, we adopted a dog today! He is a 2-3 year old Boston terrier/Pug mix AKA as bugs! We got him from the Bucks County SPCA which is an absolutely wonderful organization if you or anyone you know in is looking to adopt a pet in Jersey/PA area. The shelter named him Haroc but we renamed him Chowder. He has a bit of crud (kennel cough) but other than that, he's absolutely perfect and we're crazy about him! We're taking him to some obedience classes to work on leash training. He gets really excited and pulls pretty hard so he isn't much of a joy to walk. Once we polish that up, he'll be good to go!

Another exciting addition to the household is our new crock pot! I know, it's not nearly as cool as a dog but I've been wanting one for months now! We love beans and soups and stews. I also don't always have the time or energy to cook dinner so it's nice to have something that's ready and waiting for us! All I did today was chop veggies and throw in some beans that I soaked overnight. I was curious if they would cook without being boiled but I was really pleased with the results! They were big beans too so I imagine that this should work with any kind. I set it on high for eight hours and they were perfect. The instruction manual said to boil them first. but I didn't do it. The possibilities are endless with this thing so it should make for lots of blogging!

I am going to hit the sack. Chris is taking Chowder out to do his business and we'll see how well he does tonight. Other than the pulling, he hasn't displayed any undesirable behavior. He had a big day and I'm sure he's gonna sleep well! Here's hoping!

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