Sunday, July 5, 2009

That Summer Feeling

I had the most delightful time in Asbury Park last night! I saw some great places, amazing fireworks and ate some incredible food!

My friend Eliezer works in Asbury Park and has been raving about this pizza place called Crust and Crumble for a while now! I tend to get let down eventually when this happens but this place was anything but crumby! When you live in New Jersey, it's hard to get excited about a new pizza place because everyone I know already has a favorite spot or two (I know I do!). Asbury Park doesn't have the friendliest reputation but this place is very veg friendly! There is something for everyone here! You can even get vegan cheese and faux meats on your pie! Ours had whole wheat crust, smoked mozzarella, BBQ sauce, fake sausage and caramelized onions. We have two slices in the fridge and we're going to have it for lunch today! Mmmmmm....

If that wasn't enough to send you over the edge, this might! Right next to the pizzeria is a friggin' fantastic retro kitchenware store!!! The place is called Flying Saucers and it is full of antique and quality reproductions. I planned to expand my jadeite collection but I saw a few vintage pieces that I had to have. Since the jadeite isn't going anywhere, I decided to grab the other stuff since I had no guarantee it would be back.

I've been wanting to get my hands on a Fire King Candle Glow dish for a while now and this one on the back right was too good to pass up. I scored it for $13. The three plates on the right are also a favorite pattern and I got them for $15. The prices at this place are quite reasonable! I got my husband an old version of the game Stratego. He was happy because his game is missing a piece. The shopping center also has an artesian glassworker. Chris got me a gorgeous pendant made of sea glass and it was really inexpensive. $18 for a handmade pendant. There are some great things to be found here! We even had our pictures made in an antique photo booth. The machine is about 40 years old and has been donated and restored.

The owls were a flea market find later on in the night. A sugar dish, plate and napkin holder. The guy let the set go for $3! I was in dish heaven when I got home! We stumbled upon the market on our way to the boardwalk to see fireworks. We were right down the street from the famous Stone Pony. The boardwalk was packed but we found a nice spot to lay down a blanket and chill. I'd seen fireworks the past few nights but I was glad I was there because it was a prime spot and I don't think I've ever been this close to the action before. For lack of a better term, we all had a blast! The weather was absolutely perfect too!

On the way back to the car, Shannon showed us some of the other galleries where they like to shop. I should mention that one of our favorite merchants from the farmers market is also located in Asbury Park. Twisted Tree decided not to come back this year but while you're in the area, I'd definitely make it a point to stop in for some delicious vegan vittles and baked goods. You can purchase many of their decadent dressings and spreads to take home.

Asbury Park doesn't have the best reputation but hopefully this latest effort to revitalize the area will work. I definitely look forward to coming back!

Crust & Crumble Pizzeria
658 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ

Twisted Tree Cafe
609 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ


  1. Aside from the puns I loved this post. We had such a great time with you guys and it made me really feel good about the direction Asbury is headed. When molly comes back we have to take the girls to the sprayground.

  2. Our friend AJ was telling us about a bar that has a lot of vintage pinball machines!!!