Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm not one for drinking milk. My daughter is the exact opposite. She would probably take an IV of milk if I would allow it. We buy her the super fancy organic milk in the glass bottles that come from a dairy farm in Pennsylvania so I doubt we'd be able to afford a continuous supply to her bloodstream. I hear so many awful things about the hormones in dairy that I refuse to take the chance with cheap, crappy milk.

We are pasteurization freaks here in the U.S. I've read several interesting books about the benefits of the cultures found in raw dairy products. In Europe, it is readily available and I am really looking forward to tasting creams and especially butter! I am excited to see how it affects the flavors of chocolate and other things that have dairy in them.

I'm not sure how great of a lead in all of this is for a review of yet another book I've read in the past month about Paris. French Milk is an adorable graphic novel written by a girl who travels to Paris with her mother for six weeks during the end of 2007 and into 2008. She talks a lot about art and food which are to things I plan to focus on for my trip! The illustrations are similar to the ones found in The Persepolis in that they are simple but manage to convey a lot. It's a much quicker and lighter read though. I had a lot of hope in me when I finished the book. I hope we are able to have as interesting of an experience in Paris and also I hope to be as close with Molly when she is older as the author is with her mom. I feel like we are on the right track! She's a great girl and I'm so proud of her. I've already promised her we'd take her to Paris someday.

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