Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Soup is ON.

This week is going to be dedicated to some of my favorite local eateries. There are so many places that I love to go so it was difficult to narrow them down! It really doesn't require much to make me happy. Good food combined with reasonable prices and service will usually get a thumbs up from me. Throw in a little ambiance and I'm over the moon! A key factor is the selection of vegetarian options. Being stuck eating either a crappy side salad or a plate of french fries is safe way to bet that I won't be back....unless you have some really kick ass fries!

1...2...3 of the places this week are located in Cranbury, NJ. The town itself provides a lovely ambiance of it's own and it always relaxes me to make the drive over. I know that people don't usually think of Cranbury when they think of reasonable prices but as long as you aren't shopping for a house, you can find some great deals on some solid meals. It's definitely worth a visit!

The first place on our tour is Cranbury Pizza. This place is bare bones with few frills but they make up for it with their fantastic pies. My absolute favorite would be the margherita brick oven pizza. Margherita pizza is a fairly new concept for me. Basically, it's a pizza with sauce and a few spots of fresh mozzarella cheese. Once they pull it out of the oven, they toss some fresh basil on top. Since there isn't much to it, it's impossible to hide crappy components. Luckily, the crust and the sauce work in harmony to build a solid foundation for the cheese. That extra kiss of basil sends it right over the top.

Another big reason I go to Cranbury Pizza is the soup. As a matter of fact, they should rename it Cranbury Pizza and Soup. It's that good.

This is the lentil soup. I never go without placing an order for the biggest size they have. It will only set you back $3. Every once in a while, I switch it up and go for the pasta fagioli which is also some of the best I've had in the area. If you aren't in the mood for pizza, they do have a menu full of traditional Italian fare. I rarely stray from the pies but I have been known to occasionally order the gnocchi. It comes with red sauce but I always opt for garlic and olive oil.
Despite the lack of trendy atmosphere, I really enjoy eating in as opposed to taking it home. Cranbury Pizza is one of those places where I really feel like I live in New Jersey. Especially if one of the area teams is on T.V. All of the guys who work behind the counter are the real deal. Sometimes I just sit and listen to them talk and smile to myself.

Cranbury Pizza
63 N Main St # 2
Cranbury, NJ 08512
(609) 409-9930


  1. Don't forget to write about Fedora! That place is amazing!

  2. I want to go there for brunch sometime.

  3. omg me too!!! Its sooo good! They have apple butter for the pancakes :D