Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shortbread with Big Taste!

There was an afternoon tea post about a month ago where I lamented over some lovely shortbread that some neighbors had given me from Scotland and how would I be able to carry on once it was gone(?!).  Yes, I can be a bit dramatic at times.  

I found the answer at the West Windsor Farmer's market last weekend.  This is Naturally Nic's shortbread!  It's made here in Princeton, comes in three creative flavors (lavender, rosemary or ginger cardamon) and it's delicious!  This is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cuppa that manages to perfectly balance a salty and sweet taste with a soft yet solid bite.  This is quite an accomplishment!  

She uses local rosemary and even local lavender!  I was amazed to find out that there is a lavender farm in Doylestown, PA!  I cannot wait to go and see it for myself since lavender is one of my favorite things!  Nicole is starting to garner up a bit of press for her product as well as several local distributors including Whole Earth and Cherry Grove Farm.   It runs at $6.25 for six pieces but it's well worth it!  A small piece is all you need to brighten your afternoon tea!

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