Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Shot in the Dark

My husband's job requires him to travel to Germany occasionally. It's tradition at his workplace when someone goes anywhere, they bring back chocolates for the rest of the people in the office upon their return. Chris is diligent with this. Anytime we go anywhere, he always remembers to pick up something for his coworkers. He is a kind and generous soul that guy! I am still training him on how many bags of Haribo to bring back though! The only time he failed was on a flight home from France. He was so groggy that he left a bag full of chocolates on the airplane when he landed in Newark! D'oh! At least he didn't forget my present!

On the eve of his first trip to Germany last year, the department secretary, Angela, requested him to bring back a particular kind of chocolate called Edle Tropfen. Chris has learned that when you are nice to Angela, she makes your life much easier! I'd never heard of them before. My Opa used to bring back all sorts of stuff from Germany and he never had this. After I had one, I understood why. Chris brought home an extra box for us. I saw that the chocolates had alcohol inside of them. I was familiar with this concept since those sorts of things are available in the U.S. Turns out, I was not ready for this! This isn't the sugary and syrupy liqueur filling that I was used to. This was a straight shot of alcohol! I took a bite of the kirschwasser flavored chocolate and liquid spilled all over my sweater! Needless to say, I was surprised! I was also in shock as to how strong it tasted! Two or three of these babies will give you quite the buzz!

I enjoy sharing these with friends. I am nice and I always warn them to eat the entire thing in order to spare them a repeat of what happened to me! Once they pierce the chocolate shell, their eyes usually pop open. I like to refer to this as a chocolate-covered culture shock.

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