Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dream On

Today I finished up the last morsel of Molly Wizenberg's debut novel.  Some of you might better know her as Orangette.

I heard about her blog through a customer that comes into the bookstore on a regular basis.  A Homemade Life had just hit the shelves so I decided to treat myself.  What a treat it was!  I am thankful that reading doesn't have any calories.  However, this book is definitely going to go straight to my hips after I start making some of the amazing recipes that accompany her delectable short stories.  

I was sucked in pretty quick.  Each story was like sitting across from her over a nice cup of tea and a big slice of cake while she talked love, loss and what she ate.  The main topics include her late father, her mother, meeting the man who would become her husband through her blog and her adventures living in Paris.  Yup, there's the P-word again.  

Molly is also a writer for Bon Appetit magazine.  I only recently started reading it and her columns are a delight.  I went to the website to look at the stories from some of the back issues and found an interesting one on why she is no longer a vegetarian.  Everything she says is true!  It's refreshing to find someone else who can abstain from eating meat while still admitting that they love it.  The holier than thou hecklers that I usually refer to as vegeterrorists would probably have had a field day with this one.  I was surprised that there were so few comments considering it can be such a hot topic.  There was some comic gold though!  Someone named vegangirl left this tidbit that actually caused me some temporary eye strain from rolling them so hard.  

Vegetarians or vegans DO NOT dream about food...they are smart enough to realize that all food is, is fuel to survive. If you are dreaming about food, you need help. 

I must be some sort of friggin' idiot because I dream about food, day and night, all of the time!  I contemplate dinner, I fantasize about weekend brunches, I look forward to breakfast dates with my husband....  Sometimes I dream about eating meat!  I wake up feeling guilty but it still happens!  The list could go on and on.  I love bonding with friends and family over a good meal!  This girl needs to get a life!  As a matter of fact, I highly recommend A Homemade Life!  


  1. Avery, you have a problem. hahah

  2. If dreaming about food is wrong, I don't want to be right!