Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

I know I am acting a bit lazy this week but I promise I'm not just sitting around and doing nothing. The biggest thing I accomplished over Labor Day weekend was purging and reorganizing my bakers rack and pantry! Wanna see?

I know! There's still a lot of stuff in there (The life of a foodie) but it's much more orderly and organized now!

The door is pretty wide so I was able to hang two separate shoe organizers on there. This is where I store different flours, dried beans, pastas, grains, etc. The top shelf is mostly tea, odd and end cooking utensils (specialized things like cookie molds and cutters, candy thermometer and dumpling presses) and a huge container of organic (and Fair Trade!) sugar. Costco has it on sale now! Less than $8 for a ten pound bag! It costs about the same to buy three pounds at Whole Foods. The next shelf is canned tomatoes and other prepackaged things such as curries and whole wheat baking mixes. You southerners might recognize the jar of Golden Eagle. There's also some Ricemellow! I store my dried fruits and other misc things on the shelf below that. The next is seasonal items and lots of different canned beans. Trader Joe's only sells their organic cocoa powder during the holiday seasons so I stock up then! I also have a few jars of their delicious pumpkin butter. The last shelf from the floor is more exotic items that I whip out on special occasions. Fancy jams, Nutella, caramel sauce... The basket is mostly dried mushrooms and sea veggies. The floor has a bunch of bulk items like cereal (my husband and daughter are fiends!) and nuts along with various cooking pans and other items that are only used occasionally.

Trust me. It looks crazy but everything is under control!!! You should see my spice cabinet if you think this is bad! That's another post for another time!

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