Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burrito Hall of Fame

To quote my previous post:

When I think of good food in Huntsville, two places come to mind.

We covered G's Country Kitchen but it would be a sin to exclude Bandito Burrito.

I was going to say "the one and only Bandito Burrito" but there are actually three locations. A few others have come and gone over time. There was even a brief period where they served breakfast which was epic! When I lived in Huntsville, I ate at the one on Governors Drive which is still there. When I visit my hometown, I usually crash with my friend who lives in Madison, so we go to the one up the way from his place. It's bigger and has a nice bar area plus outside seating. If the train goes by during your meal, you get a dollar off of your drink of choice. FYI: They have killer frozen strawberry margaritas here!

They always bring out chips and yummy salsa along with your drink order. The queso dip was a favorite at one point but that's when I was young and reckless. If you're feeling daring, order the queso and then double dip into the salsa as well. I regret not doing that the last time I was there. It's probably for the best. As it stands, I was barely able to fit into my plane seat back to New Jersey.

Their menu has expanded over the years. I've I'm sure there's lots of great stuff that they've added but ever since I first set foot into Bandito, I've always ordered the same thing...

Two bean burritos with a 2 oz side of sour cream. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved this more than any other thing on the planet. I was a sour cream fanatic. Over time, I have always been able to rely on this meal to taste exactly the same as it always has. It irritates me when places change up something that was already good to begin with! You can also make it a meal with just one burrito and sides. Their beans and rice are solid so you'll leave happy. If that doesn't do it for you, the fact that you can drink a sweet tea the size of your head should hopefully work!

It's a great place to go with friends (which is usually the case for me) and the prices are still very reasonable. No matter where you are in the Huntsville/Madison area, you're no more than 15 minutes from a Bandito Burrito. They should include this information on the sign that welcomes you to Madison County.

Bandito Burrito

208 Main St
Madison, AL

3017 Governors Dr
Huntsville, AL

11220 Memorial Pkwy SW
Huntsville, AL

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