Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chick'n + Waffles

It's difficult to retrace my steps back to the root of this particular brunch that I prepared for myself today. My passion for sweet and salty definitely played a small role. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has heard of the famous Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (I recommend clucking the link). Two words that many people don't traditionally hear together in the same sentence but as they flow into your ears, you know immediately that it has to be as good as it sounds.

I try to keep my meat analogue intake down on the medium-low side but every once in a while, it's absolutely necessary to scratch an itch. I didn't eat breakfast this morning and because of the weather we were having...

...Molly and I did not go to work or school. She was supposed to go in a half of a day but I just didn't feel comfortable sending her out with the snow coming down the way that it was. It did end up slowing down but I'm still glad we laid low.

She has a small arsenal of breakfast food in the freezer. Maybe my child is a bit spoiled but she has either waffles or french toast every morning for breakfast along with maple syrup and a glass of milk. On Saturday nights, she defrosts some cheesy blintzes that she enjoys on Sunday morning. They're always ready to eat straight out of the box so I don't have to cook them. It works well for her because she normally wakes up before I do. I suppose I'm also spoiled since I have to do very little in order to put breakfast on the table for her.

As I waited for her waffles to toast, I thought the idea sounded especially good so when I did decide to eat, I just pulled two more out of the box. I like mine a little well done so I put the butter on before they went in and let them go for an extra half of a minute. They were perfect. I drizzled a small amount of syrup and let them sit for a bit. I'd already preheated and baked some Morningstar Buffalo Wings. Not too many, just enough to balance out the sweetness.

By the time I sat down, it was almost noon so I was pretty hungry. This meal didn't just hit the spot, it knocked it into next week. I decided to use some of my fancy dishes even though I was basically just defrosting food for myself.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner I lovingly prepared last night (stuffed peppers). It took a bit of time and effort but in the end, it was definitely worth it. Sometimes, however, I am just not in the mood to invest time and effort and I'm thankful for my freezer giving me the occasional option of fast, easy and good.


  1. I just (finally!) used the last of the salted caramel to make another round of those salted caramel brownies - Gi wanted to bake and E requested we make a kid version and a salty grown up one :) If the power goes out we'll be well fed!

  2. Mmmmmm!!!! Brownies by the wood stove!