Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buy One, Get One Free!

Last night was a much needed night out with my lady friends! My friend Laura celebrated her birthday this month in Burlington, Vermont (jealous!) and so we tried out best to get together as soon as possible to mark the occasion. I met Laura, Kate and Ashley while I was working at Borders. I have managed to remain close friends with several of my former coworkers and it's always lovely when we manage to get together and catch up! Sometimes we meet for breakfast and other times, we try to go to someone's house. Last night, we decided to step out and hit Fedora for dinner. I have been a lot lately for brunch but it's been about a year since I've had dinner there.

Laura was torn between about four different items on the menu but she ended up copying Kate and going with the Mexican pizza on the appetizer menu. Ashley had a turkey burger and I had the harvest burrito. Ironically, I'd shot down the idea of going to On the Border because I've eaten a lot Mexican lately! This just sounded so good! (Also, On the Border sucks!)

I know that Fedora's portion sizes are ridiculously huge but I was completely shocked when the waiter brought out our food and my plate had two HUGE burritos on it! I asked him if people actually manage to eat both and he said no.
The burritos were served on a bed of rice and stuffed with veggies (peppers, onions mushrooms and what appeared to be some sort of squash), refried and black beans plus cheese. It was (as you can see) topped with a lovely sauce and more cheese. I really loved that there were two different types of beans in there! I can never get enough! It is $11.99 for the harvest burrito but you really do get two meals for that price. You can't beat that! I told Chris we could just go here and split the meal and a dessert. The cozy atmosphere makes it ideal for a date or for a social jaunt with friends. I've never been let down. Okay...maybe just once. Last night we were looking for the awesome brie appetizer we'd enjoyed in the past and it was no longer on the menu. Boo! Not that there was any room for an appetizer! We were stuffed after our meals but we still decided to mosey on over to the dessert case...
I promised Chris and Molly I would bring them home something and I am a woman of my word! I selected a Reece's cup brownie and a caramel brownie. I took one bite of the caramel brownie just to make sure it wouldn't kill anyone. *sigh* The sacrifices I make for my family!
We all decided to partake in a little sweetness. You can see the lovely caramel brownie, to the right is Ashley's chocolate espresso bar (ooey gooey and good). Laura had a cookie with Snickers in it and hiding in the back left is Kate's caramel apple dumpling. We were four satisfied customers when we walked out of there. I have no doubt that we will be back.

Fedora Cafe
2633 Lawrenceville Rd.
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648


  1. When I saw the pics on facebook, I totally knew it was Fedora's LOL!